Industry Pooled Investment Fund (See Other Companies in Industry)

C/O Aztec Financial Services (Guernsey) 3 Rd Floor, Tudor House, Le Bordage
St. Peter Port, Y7, GY1 3PP
Phone: 44 (0) 148 174 9700


Date Filing Type Offered Sold Type Link to Raw Filing
2012-11-15 Amended Offered: $522,900,000 Sold: $439,270,616 Type: Equity Only Raw Filing
2011-11-15 New Form D Offered: $533,700,000 Sold: Yet to Sell Type: Equity Only Raw Filing

Directors and Executives (Current and Past)

Name Role
Oyvind Aasbo Executive, Promoter
Trond Bjornoy Executive, Promoter
Gavin Farrell Director
Michael Geary Director
Lars Grinde Executive, Promoter
Jarle Gundersen Executive, Promoter
Jarle Gunderson Executive, Promoter
Fredrik Korterud Executive, Promoter
N/A Norvestor Equity As Promoter
N/A Norvestor Vi (Gp) Limited Promoter
N/A Norvestor Vi General Partner L.P. Promoter
Robert Rhydwen Jones Director
Christian Sontum Executive, Promoter
Henning Vold Executive, Promoter
Stein Wessel Aas Director