MC10, Inc.

Industry: Other Technology (See others in industry)

10 Maguire Road Building 3, 1 St Floor
Lexington, MA, 02421
Phone: (617) 234-4448


Date Type Sold Raw Filing
2016-12-16 New $5,000,000 SEC link
2015-08-28 New Yet to Sell SEC link
2013-12-27 New $19,809,064 SEC link
2013-04-18 Amended $18,150,003 SEC link
2012-12-14 New $10,000,001 SEC link
2012-01-27 Amended $17,150,000 SEC link
2011-08-24 Amended $15,150,000 SEC link
2011-06-28 New $12,800,000 SEC link
2010-07-02 Amended $6,208,131 SEC link
2009-12-09 New $5,658,131 SEC link

Directors and Executives (Current and Past)

Name Role
Paul Bleicher Director
Eric Brandt Director
David Icke Director, Executive
Keith Katkin Director
Paul Klingenstein Director
Jiong Ma Director
Scott D. Pomerantz Director, Executive
Carmichael Roberts Director
John Rogers Director
Alice Sansone Executive
Marc Singer Director
Steven N. Tannenbaum Executive
George Whitesides Director