Flashnotes, Inc.

Industry Other Technology (See Other Companies in Industry)

Faneuil Hall Marketplace 2 South Market Bldg 5 Th Floor
Boston, MA, 02109
Phone: (857) 277-0756


Date Filing Type Offered Sold Type Exemptions/Exclusions Link to Raw Filing
2015-03-20 Amended $7,320,012 $7,320,012 Equity Only 06b Raw Filing
2014-09-18 New Form D $7,000,000 $4,320,012 Equity Only 06b Raw Filing
2014-01-14 New Form D $3,600,000 $1,800,000 Equity Only 06b Raw Filing

Directors and Executives (Current and Past)

Name Role
Kate Adams Executive
Shay David Director
Jim Donohue Director
Jeff Kushmerek Executive
Louis Lataif Director
Lester Lefton Director
Steven Maggs Executive
Patrick Maloney Director
Michael Matousek Director, Executive
Ryan Moore Director
David Shay Director
Ann Marie Strong Executive
Paul Tedeschi Director