Euphrates Iraq Fund Ltd.

Industry: Pooled Investment Fund (See others in industry)

C/O Intertrust Corp Service (Cayman) 190 Elgin Avenue
Grand Cayman, E9, KY1-9005
Phone: (212) 837-7728


Date Type Sold Raw Filing
2017-01-27 Amended $66,357,760 SEC link
2016-01-27 Amended $65,312,728 SEC link
2015-01-27 Amended $39,970,888 SEC link
2014-01-24 Amended $36,134,808 SEC link
2013-01-25 Amended $21,483,000 SEC link
2012-01-26 Amended $17,100,000 SEC link
2011-01-26 New $1,500,000 SEC link

Directors and Executives (Current and Past)

Name Role
Geoffrey Batt Director, Executive
Daniel Cloud Director
N/A Euphrates Advisors Llc Executive, Promoter
Grant Felgenhauer Executive