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3401 West End Avenue, Suite 310
Nashville, TN, 37203
Phone: 615-515-9880


Date Type Sold Raw Filing
2015-10-13 New $3,078,000 SEC link
2015-02-27 New $3,877,934 SEC link
2014-10-10 New $717,500 SEC link
2014-04-03 New $2,102,499 SEC link
2014-01-10 New $1,000,000 SEC link
2013-08-30 New $780,000 SEC link
2012-08-10 New $25,500 SEC link

Directors and Executives (Current and Past)

Name Role
Stephen R. Collins Director
M. Duncan Dashiff Director, Executive
Michael Duncan Dashiff Director, Executive
Michael Dodson Director
Harry R. Jacobson Director, Executive
Joel Lee Executive
Rodney I. Massey Director, Executive
Russ Reeder Director, Executive
Vin Weber Director