Citadel Global Fixed Income Fund Ltd.

Industry Pooled Investment Fund (See Other Companies in Industry)

Maples Corporate Services Limited Ugland House, South Church Street
Grand Cayman, E9, KY1-1104
Phone: 345.949.8066


Date Filing Type Offered Sold Type Exemptions/Exclusions Link to Raw Filing
2014-07-18 Amended Indefinite $3,478,740,977 Other 06b 3C 3C.7 Raw Filing
2013-07-18 Amended Indefinite $893,796,074 Other 06 3C 3C.7 Raw Filing
2012-07-18 New Form D Indefinite Yet to Sell Other 06 3C 3C.7 Raw Filing

Directors and Executives (Current and Past)

Name Role
N/A Citadel Advisors Llc Promoter
Adam C. Cooper Executive
Kirk Davis Director
Peter Huber Director
Clarendon Hugh (Hal) Masters Director