300 North Capital Global Macro Fund, LLC

Industry Pooled Investment Fund (See Other Companies in Industry)

300 North Lake Avenue, Ste. 1120
Pasadena, CA, 91101
Phone: 626-449-8500


Date Filing Type Offered Sold Type Exemptions/Exclusions Link to Raw Filing
2012-08-21 Amended Indefinite $9,614,531 Other 06 3C 3C.1 Raw Filing
2011-08-03 Amended Indefinite $9,614,531 Other 06 3C 3C.1 Raw Filing
2010-08-02 New Form D Indefinite Yet to Sell Other 06 3C 3C.1 Raw Filing

Directors and Executives (Current and Past)

Name Role
Timothy P. Blastek Executive
Barry B. Burch Executive
Richard S. Campagna Executive
Erin Chetwood Executive
Stephen W. Clarke Director
Linda T. Gibson Director
James M. Landreth Executive
300 North Capital Partners Llc Executive
300 North Capital Llc Executive
Aidan J. Riordan Director
Steven L. Spare Executive
Thomas M. Turpin Director
William T. Warnick Executive